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In June of 1999 I relocated to Denver from Redding, California.  Fresh out of school and in a new city, my first job offer was as receptionist for a mortgage company.  There I worked my way into processing as an assistant and learned the process from a team of five processors above me.  Within a year I became a full loan processor and by 2003 was managing the department.

Strength in mortgae loan processing is based on several key characvteristics.  Attention to detail and the ability to see a loan file through the eyes of an underwriter are themark of a seasoned processor.  It's critical to success.  However, it's also important to round these out with speed, orgainzation and accuracy.  Finally, there's a fine line between being too pushy versus not pushing hard enough.  Timelines require professional tenancity to stay on tract with deadlines.  Quite often, deadlines are the only thing that matters from the outside.  We get that.

As Senior Loan Processor at Affordable Interest Mortgage, I love the fast pace and family fee and am fortunate to work in such a great office environment.  While I run lead on files, we monitor them closely and manage the process as a team.  Throughout the workday, loan officers meet with me, sitting together many times each day working through the challenges.  Together we solve problems behind the curtain.  Professional relationshhips built on mutual respecct are really a key in getting things done and it's an important aspect of how we do business at AIM.  In the end it's all about the customer and making sure they have the loan they need within the time frame they hoped.

I am married to a wonderful man named Clem and we have two beautiful children, Brecken 3 and Hudson 1.  I love being a mother and the joy of watching my two boys.  Colorado is a great place to raise children


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