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Bob Kopf

Serving Well

What about BOB?

For over 20 years the bulk of my professional life has centered around residential and investment real estate in Colorado.  The majority of these years were spent within the Remax family before transitioning over to the mortgage side of the business. Both of my parents, in fact, were Realtors and investors in residential properties following my father’s retirement from the military.  It’s easy to imagine how their interests spilled over into my life at an early age.

As a Realtor turned Loan Officer, most would agree that I’m uniquely positioned to see both sides of the closing table. For those clients who are purchasing it’s important to understand the pressing urgency of contract deadlines as well as the demands of today's imposing federal guidelines in mortgage lending.  Knowing both sides of the transaction affords me a great advantage over most loan officers in serving the needs of borrowers in the Denver metro area. 

Above all, my approach to business is based on a desire to serve.  It’s my goal to listen carefully and to understand a borrower’s needs.  “Serving well” can mean a lot of things to different people.  To me it means listening well and searching for the best path.  It means doing everything in the client’s best interest and doing so with care, communication and respect. I consider these to be basic business concepts in modeling around a scripture that reads,

“He did not come to be served, but to serve…”.

Fun Facts about Bob:

  • Born in Nuremburg, Germany
  • Direct Grandson (x4) of Davey Crockett
  • Son of a West Point First Captain featured in National Geographic in 1952


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