When applying for a loan, you will have to provide the lender with detailed documentation of your financial history.  With the help of technology, we are now able to gather the below items PAPERLESS. 

Social Security numbers for all individuals that are going to be on the loan

Copies of checking & savings account statements for the last 60 days, all pages, even if blank.

Documentation of any other liquid assets, such as bonds, stocks or money saved in retirements
programs (ie., 401K – 403b – broker accounts – etc, if funds are needed to close the loan.  Again,
all pages, even if blank.

Last 30 days of paystubs for all individuals on the loan

Most recent 2 years W-2’s and complete tax returns (Personal & Business / if applicable) for all
loan applicants

Residence history for last 2 years, whether previously owned or rented.

If purchasing – copy of accepted Purchase Contract with all addendums/ammendments –
signed by all parties involved in the purchase.

If application, Home Owners Association contact information.

Homeowners Insurance Agents contact information.

Copy of identification (ie., Driver’s License – Passport – Government ID) for all applicants.

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